Liars and Fucked Up is having an Afterparty and Lady Starlight Will Be There.

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06/25/2010 6:50 PM |

Tomorrow, after the will-be-awesome Liars/Fucked Up show at the metroPCS stage at Barge Park, the bands will be holding an office party for the hard working folks at L Magazine at Red Star Bar. Lady Starlight will be dj-ing, there will be $3 SoCo with lime shots, and L Mag music editor Mike Conklin will be awkwardly trying to pretend he doesnt like Lady GaGa while he chats with Starlight (who is responsible for making GaGa into the Boy George reincarnation that she is, duh, read Rolling Stone).

YOU can come to the party too with your badge, because, you have one! Or you can buy a ticket, wait to get in, cry somewhere. Your choice.

So congratulations, The L Magazine, for having a band throw you an office party. What does that say about your office?

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