Memes in the Museum: Guggenheim and YouTube Launch Video Art Competition

06/14/2010 2:25 PM |

YouTube and Guggenheim launch YouTube Play

In a press release sent out this morning, the Guggenheim Foundation and YouTube announced YouTube Play, a partnership to select an online video biennial that will be presented at Gugg locations around the world on October 21. From now through July 31 you can submit videos for consideration through the project website, at which time they’ll be evaluated by a jury headed by Nancy Spector, the museum’s deputy director, who will select 200 pieces to be shown on the YouTube Play channel, and 20 that will screen at Gugg museums in New York, Bilbao, Berlin and Venice. It’s an interesting and probably necessary experiment in crowd-sourcing, and impressive coming from the Guggenheim, but let’s hope their jury is extra-tough on the works submitted, which will presumably include everything from YouTube poop to vetted video art. I wonder what they’d make of this.