Musician Priced Out of Dumbo Releases Song About Gentrification of Dumbo

06/18/2010 4:17 PM |

Musician Jed Davis used to live in our Dumbo nabe, but then prices went up and he joined the great hipster exodus to the north (well, to Albany), and now he’s written a pretty hilarious and spot-on song about it, titled, fittingly, “Yuppie Exodus from Dumbo.” It’s full of lived-in local details, like the area’s bizarre conglomeration of touristy sights and infrastructural roughness, its freelancer armies and nascent stroller culture. My favorite part goes: “On Dumbo beach, we’ve run aground/no IT work to be found/no one buys my shit on Etsy/and my gal’s name still ain’t Plath/so we’re hopping on our Vespas/loading up and hauling out/in our precious shawls and hats/we look totally Grapes of Wrath.” Listen below, or download (for a small fee) here:

<a href="">Yuppie Exodus From Dumbo by Jed Davis</a>

And did you notice the part where he totally disses Grizzly Bear?! Oh shit! (DumboNYC)