Must Listen: L Magazine World Cup Radio!!!

06/11/2010 3:12 PM |

Because we love you so much, we’ve imported (via the magic of computers) a couple of expert footballogists to talk once a week about the glory of the World Cup. So, behold the wisdom of our L Mag football correspondent Derek Keogh as he chats with his man Tom Buckley about first round match-ups and who will have the best haircuts.

It’s World Cup Weekly with The L Magazine! This is possibly the best thing we’ve ever done.

(You can tell they know what they’re talking about because of their accents.)

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  • These guys seem to have a deep knowledge of the game. About time we had some real pundits. After the first batch of games their predictions seem spot on. Keep it up guys. A podcast worth listening to…… I wanna be adored

  • Can`t believe the World Cup is finally here. Just when you start to miss the Premiership, they beam a whole month of uninterrupted International football into your living-room,”great success”. Really enjoyed your article in the magazine last week Derek and look forward to hearing your take as the World Cup unfolds. I think Argentina have one of the most talented squads at the World Cup, but i just feel the whole world is just waiting on Maradona to forget to take his crazy pills, send Messi home, use Tevez as a substitute keeper and emerge from the dressing room like Al Pacino in the final scene of Scarface. Would love to see Sepp Blatter`s face then. As an outside chance, i think the Dutch would be worth putting some money on. With players like Sneijder, Van Der Vaart, Van Persie and Robben to name a few, i can`t believe no one is talking about them doing anything at this tournament. Like you said in the show, America have a team that could cause the mighty english some problems. It would be great to see America do well at this World Cup and hopefully spark a public interest back in the States for football. How great would it be that the next time i visit America, i can sit in an Irish bar and talk football to a Yank.

  • Good show guys keep it up, knowledge is very indebt and a good few tips in there for the gambling type like myself, I have to disagree with Dereks wife and her pick of Germany to win it I am reckoning Spain and with David Villa as top scorer or Van Persie as Tom says he has been rested all year and will be in flying form, looking forawrd to hearing next weeks review of the match’s and as for Tom’s prediction of Ronaldo to be top scorer I dont know I have seen that new ball move and once it gets air bourne its like a beach ball but if he can master if he could get it. Good show guys and keep it up.

  • Just reading garys comment on the crazy enigma known as Argentina the scary thing is there is a very good chance of maradonna doing all of the above but with the absolutely mouth watering out of this world set of strikers at his disposal he could have a back 4 consisting of the teletubbies and a mid field that includes larry moe and curly and still win the tournament.the dutch will be strong but a lot will depend on whether they get along or not.I think germany will go about their business and get far but spain for me will be the winners they are the equivalent of an orchestra that never hits a bum note.i am looking forward to seeing Serbia i think they will be a suprise package. i think its gonna be a cracking month i just hope the players make more headlines than the new ball.