Northside Day Four: Wait a Minute, This Trolley is Just a School Bus

06/27/2010 9:16 AM |

Alright, just a couple quick reminders about the final day of this year’s surprisingly not-at-all (as far as I know) disastrous Northside Festival.

1. We’ve got two more shows at Barge Park today. The first, starting at 1:30, features Arms, A.A. Bondy and Elvis Perkins in Dearland. The second, starting at 6:30, features High Places, Polvo and Les Savy Fav. I was there for parts of both of yesterday’s shows, and I can vouch for the extreme pleasantness of the whole situation.

2. As suspected, the “trolley” is actually just a really big, yellow school bus, which is not a bad thing at all. Super air-conditioned, surprisingly comfortable, and it will make you kind of want to find a freshman to beat up. Pick-up is every little while (half hour or so) at N. 7th and Driggs and at the Broadway G stop.

3. Now, everything else. I don’t know… do you really need me to tell you what to do at this point? Haven’t you been looking at the schedule for the past three days? But ok, fine, Free Williamsburg’s got Keepaway and a shit-ton more at Brooklyn Bowl; Senors Music has My Teenage Stride, Bermuda Bonnie (whom I wrote favorably about here, and about whom I’ve seen some similarly positive things in the past couple days), and North Highlands, who damn near blew the roof off Spike Hill yesterday, for real; Islands play Music Hall, The Smoking Popes (?!) are at the Knitting Factory, and Ribbons play their final NYC show at Public Assembly.

Now go ahead, enjoy.

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  • While it seems like the music went off without a hitch, the coordination of volunteers was kind of disastrous. It was so poorly organized. Finalized volunteer schedules were being sent out hours before the first shows, and volunteers were completely taken advantage of. The festival itself is great, but I’d suggest a total overhaul of the way volunteers are dealt with next year, including a thank you email.

  • One might also suggest a total overhaul of the manner in which you bring up your concerns, which is to say publicly and anonymously rather than privately, like an adult.