Northside: Now with Infinity Percent More Movies

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06/04/2010 11:15 AM |

Yes, really. This year, your Northside Festival badge will also get you into indieScreen, Williamsburg’s new movie theater slash music venue slash bar and restaurant, where we’re presenting a very for-serious film festival.

In truest Northside tradition, we’ve partnered with several terrific festivals, distributors, screening series and critics to curate an eclectic, exciting mix of programming, featuring films by Todd Solondz and, yes, Virginia, James Franco. You ready?

On Northside’s first night, June 24th, Indiewire will present Sundance hit The Imperialists Are Still Alive at 8pm, followed by a Q&A with director Zeina Durra. Stick around later that night for a special 10pm screening, to be announced shortly, presented by the BAMcinamatek, Brooklyn’s top arthouse and repertory theater.

On Friday, June 25th, Animation Block Party will present a “Best of NYC Animation” shorts program at 8pm, with several filmmakers on hand. It will be followed at 10pm by The L’s presentation of NY Export: Opus Jazz, featuring the New York City Ballet restaging the eponymous Jerome Robbins dance all over New York.

On Saturday, June 26th at 8pm, IFC Films will dip into their deep roster of top indie releases to preview Life During Wartime, Todd Solondz’s sorta-sequel to Happiness, screening in Brooklyn for the first time. And in the 10pm slot, the Berlin Film Festival Panorama will present a feature and a short from this year’s Berlinale. The feature is Jake Yuzna’s Open; the short is The Feast of Stephen, a homoerotic student film by James Franco, whom you will no doubt recognize from the photo taped up in your locker.

On Sunday, June 27th, Rooftop Films will present a selection of top fest-circuit short films at 6pm; and at 8pm, Film Comment will close the fest with a special screening, to be announced shortly.