Oh No! Goose Shot By Arrow Lost in Prospect Park, Needs Your Help!

06/17/2010 4:33 PM |

Wtf. Some asshole shot a goose in Prospect Park with a bow and arrow. Asshole, if you’re reading this, I will kick your ass (yeah, internet tough, I know). Anyway, now the goose needs your help. From the Manhattan Bird Club:

Wounded goose needs to be located to assist in the rescue.

Today, a goose with an arrow in its neck eluded efforts capture by animal rescue volunteers and Park Rangers by flying off. It is important that the brid receive medical help if it is to survive.

If anyone happens to be in the vicinity of the Lake tomorrow and spots this wounded bird, please call the Park Supervisor’s office at: 718-287-9889.

Motherfucker. So if you see a goose ANYWHERE IN PARK SLOPE, please do something.