Our Favorite Thing to Do Is Announce More Bands, So Here We Go…

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06/02/2010 11:48 AM |

From spazzed-out 8-bit bands from France to dance-rock from Italy to good ol’ fashioned Brooklyn lo-fi, this year’s lineup hits across the board. Take a gander at some new additions and check back next week for a schedule of events. Deep breath, there’s a lot:

?uestlove (DJ set), A.A. Bondy, Albino Ghost Monkey, Arches, Ava Luna, Bad Girlfriend, The Beets, Bermuda Bonnie, Big Troubles, The Black Hollies, Boy Without God, The Canon Logic, Coasting, Cream in All Moustache, Dana Jewell (solo), Dinowalrus (DJ set), Dream Diary, Drink Up Buttercup, Ducktails, Echostream, Elvis Perkins in Dearland, Family Portrait, Fan-Tan, Fifth Nation, Fluffy Lumbers, Frankie & the Outs, The Fresh & Onlys, Gaucho, Gold Streets, The Grates, Hidden Fees, Holiday Holiday, The Hollows, I Love Monsters, JDDJ3J, Jucifer, Knife City (Luke Silas of Anamanaguchi), Led Er Est, LE-LI, The London Souls, Love in October, Lower Dens, Matteah Baim, Max Gabriel, Me & Mars, Midnight Masses, Netherfriends, No Demons Here (Luka Usmiani of Fluffy Lumbers), Nouvellas, Oberhofer, The Pass, Phil & the Osophers, The Pillow Theory, Posi, The Press, PS I Love You, Psychobuildings, Reading Rainbow, Ribbons, Schooner, Sean Bones, Serpenti, Shy Town, Skeletonbreath, Sondre Lerche, Starring, Steel Phantoms, The Sundelles, Takka Takka, Tame Impala, These United States, Total Slacker, Trans (Jemina Pearl & John Eatherly of Be Your Own Pet; DJ set), Twin Shadow, Union, The Wicked Tomorrow, Wild Yaks, Wizardry, Wounded Buffalo Theory, Zakee (DJ set), Zapa Venu

Forgot to mention mega buzzy psych-rock from Australia. You like the Beatles, right?

This is what working with some of the most respected music-oriented minds in the city will get you. Gotta give shout-outs to Consequence of Sound, Baeble Music, Green Owl Records, American Myth Recordings, Duke Street Blog, DailyVinyl.com, I Rock I Roll, We Listen for You, Senors Music, Tom Tom Magazine, Ampeater Music, Tijuana Gift Shop, Microphone Memory Emotion and chiptune tastemaker Leah Goldstein, who have all joined the roster of showcase presenters. We like them very much and tend to think they have better taste in music than 95 percent of the population.

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