Prospect Park Goose Shot With Arrow Now Neck Puncture-Free!

06/22/2010 2:31 PM |

Canada Geese attack

  • Seriously folks, let’s not give the geese reason to attack; they’ll totally wipe us all out in a day.

Terror and outrage struck Brooklyn goose-enthusiasts (did you know a goose named Gary is our semi-official emblem/mascot?), bird-watchers and normal-decent-people last week, when a Canada goose was spotted in Prospect Park with an arrow through its neck, precipitating a frenzied search and rescue effort that, according to The Times, has ended with success. Their recap is a lot like the plot of Saving Private Ryan, with park workers taking to treacherous Prospect Park lake, making a dangerous landing on enemy (waterfowl) territory, and trying to find one single bird amongst the thousands spread piecemeal all over the park and ferry it to safety.

In the end, the Park Slope couple who originally spotted the bird came across it on a Saturday morning walk, without the arrow (which, it was decided, was a crossbow bolt) but entry and exit wounds where it had been. They netted it (because they carry a net at all times, obvs), gave the goose a gander, determined it would be just fine and sent it on its way. Still: who shoots a goose? (Brownstoner)