Prospect Park West Bike Lane Under Construction Right Now

06/03/2010 10:45 AM |

Prospect Park West bike lane

Even though some Slopers and Brooklyn borough prez Marty Markowitz were adamantly opposed to it because they worried it would slow down a three-lanes-wide thoroughfare that most drivers use like a highway, you can now bike safely along the western edge of Prospect Park, or will be able to soon given the above photo of construction on Prospect Park West yesterday. The two-way protected bike lane cost one lane of traffic and no parking spaces, and should be open by the end of the month so you can bike to your Prospect Park BBQ on July 4. (Streetsblog, Brownstoner)

One Comment

  • If you’re opposed to the bike lane like I am, let your views be known to:

    Brad Lander, City Council

    Craig Hammerman, District Manager Community Board 6

    There’s a formal evaluation period following implementation, where the City Council, DOT and 78th precinct will evaluate success/failure of the new lane. I’m sure formal evidence, i.e. photos of congested PPW and unused bike lane will help support your views.

    I’m a 25 year resident of Park Slope, a cyclist and a driver and I think the bike lane is terrible idea for the following reasons::