Ruben Diaz Is Going to Shut Down the Government Because It Makes Him Feel Like a Man

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06/10/2010 11:48 AM |


So New York State hasn’t had a budget since the start of the fiscal year because Democrats won’t vote for Still Governor Paterson’s budget, because it includes brutal but arguably necessary spending cuts (but not a soda tax, which could keep a couple libraries open), and Republicans won’t vote for Paterson’s budget because, well, that’s just what a minority party does.

The state has been keeping the lights on—literally, like, continuing to pay for the running of state institutions like parks and courtrooms and roads—with a series of emergency spending bills. Two reliably party-dicking-over Bronx Dems have now said they’ll join Republicans in blocking any more keep-New York-running bills.

Henry’s already told you that probable worst person in the state Pedro Espada is one of them. The other is subliterate homophobe Ruben Diaz, Sr. But, why, Ruben? The Times reports:

At the leaders’ meeting, Mr. Paterson said he would not give in to “thug activity”… But Mr. Díaz did not appear inclined to relent. “The governor called me a thug,” he said. “When I pick a fight, I don’t go back. Let’s see what a thug can do.”

Yes, let’s! It’s hardly as if your constituents sent you to Albany to ensure that their health and welfare-related needs are met by their government!