Saturday at Northside: Titus Andronicus, 8 NYC Bands You Need to Hear, and Much, Much More

06/26/2010 9:19 AM |


Alright, you guys. We’re officially halfway through year two of The Northside Festival, and aside from a stray broken bottle and a really disgusting slice of pizza I ate at some place around N. 7th, things seem to be going pretty smoothly. Today is when things really get going, though: Bedford Avenue is shut down, so there’s a bunch of Williamsburg Walks events taking place, from a Classical Music concert by the Grand Street Community Band (2pm) to a Science and Bubbles workshop (!!!!!) going on all weekend. We’ll have some bands performing on the street as well. Stay tuned to twitter for the details.

The biggest story of the day? Well, the first ever shows at the metro PCS stage at Newton Barge Park. The afternoon show is stacked, with Cults at 1:30pm, Male Bonding at 2:30pm and current L Magazine cover stars Titus Andronicus wrapping things up starting at 3:30. The nighttime show is similarly awesome: Liars headline, with support from the mighty Fucked Up and High Places. That one gets going at 6:30. Admission is free with a badge, but if you don’t have one of those, the Titus show will set you back $12 at the door, while Liars is $18. Also worth noting: No one seems to know where Barge Park even is, which, frankly, I think only makes it cooler. We’ll have a trolley (which I hear is actually just a really big van that our publisher keeps calling a trolley because he’s from Boston), picking people up at the Bedford L stop and the Nassau G stop, and taking ’em down to the shows. There’s even been talk of having a band or two play on the trolley, but we’ll see.

Immediately following the afternoon Barge Park show, I recommend heading over to Spike Hill for the first of two shows featuring bands from this year’s 8 NYC Bands You Need to Hear feature. North Highlands, MiniBoone, Ava Luna and Ball of Flame Shoot Fire will all be on hand. Also, they have televisions there, for those of you interested in the soccer game.

As for the other stuff going on tonight? God, who knows… there’s a lot. Allow me to make special mention, though, of a very special double bill at the Knitting Factory, which was curated by The L‘s very own Jeff Klingman. The first half features Psychobuildings, Violens and Class Actress, and then late night you’ve got Reading Rainbow and, who else, The Beets closing things out at 1:30am. Jed from My Teenage Stride will be DJing between bands.

Alright, that’s all. See you out there.

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  • I’m now enduring the soundcheck for this 5 blocks away , and I can’t hear the vuvuzelas over the din. Why not keep this in Williamsburg – nobody over here is all that interested in becoming Williamsburg Mark II – that’s why we moved over here after setting up the Bedford Stop area for all you guys to come in on Daddy’s coin and enjoy – so please – keep the WILLIAMSBURG music festival in WILLIAMSBURG – makes sense, no? – now I guess we’ll just have to listen to two days filled with music we’re not interested in hearing- thanks a ton!