Somebody Hates Volunteer Firefighters in Gerritsen Beach

06/11/2010 2:39 PM |

A Black Mark on a White Neighborhood

  • A Black Mark on a White Neighborhood

Just two weeks after volunteers painted a mural on the side of the Gerritsen Beach Volunteer Firefighters headquarters, vandals have defaced it.

Commenters over at suspect it’s the work of darn kids; writes one, “These young obnoxious bastards will continue defacing property, destroying bus shelters, breaking into cars unless their parents reign them in before they do something worse than criminal mischief.” Says another: “unlike the 60s when our parents knew what we did wrong before we ever got home, today way too many dont want to know what thier kids are up to.” Kids today!

Or, is it? The plot thickens deeper down in the comments:

I think we should all consider the possibility that this wasn’t kids. Judging by some of the posts regarding the volunteer work done at the Vollies hall, there are some adults who are Vollie haters and look at the way the only thing defaced in the mural is the emblem. I’m just saying that I wouldn’t assume anything.

WHAT? A response:

I do not see vollie haters in those posts i see people posting ligitimate concerns about a grossly undertrained fire department.

Ouch! Looks like the kids got just what they wanted: turning the adults against themselves.

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  • REIN them in!!! REIN them in!!! for the love of god, the expression is REIN. ‘reign”‘ makes absolutely no sense, people…(i know it’s from another site, not this one, but i’m not going over there….