Summerscreen: Seven Days from Now

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06/30/2010 10:55 AM |


This is just a friendly reminder that Summerscreen, the L’s and Williamsburg’s annual outdoor film series, returns to McCarren across from Turkey’s Nest (home of enormous frozen margaritas to go!) in exactly a week’s time, next Wednesday, July 7th, for all your outdoor summer movie needs. As well as all your outdoor after-work-before-dark live music needs, and all your local food and drink needs—we’ll have beer from Sixpoint, along with food from Pizza Moto, Asia Dogs, People’s Pops, San Loco, and more from the Brooklyn Flea.

So please do keep up with Summerscreen updates on Facebook, and join us next Wednesday for John Cusack’s proto-emo boomboxa love, and subsequently for a movie David Bowie definitely has no memory of; a movie pretty much everybody from middle school remembers every second of; Johnny Depp unto death; giant bugs from the bastard son of Bruckheimer and Brecht; and extreme sports with the late Patrick Swayze and the great Kathryn Bigelow.