SummerScreen Turns Five!

06/23/2010 4:15 PM |

Free Moviez!!1!

  • Free Moviez!!1!

We just wanted to remind everyone that this summer marks the Fifth Anniversary of our SummerScreen outdoor film series and the final time you will hear from us as we’ll soon be clinically insane, having just come down off the blotter-trip that was the Northside Festival (happening tomorrow people!). Yup, and then after that, it’s SummerScreen.

This year at SummerScreen, while reveling in fluffy David Bowie hair and rising star DiCaprio spouting iambic pentameter, Fandango will also be offering an amazing VIP contest that will give L readers the chance at a metric ton of free stuff. And Keanu Reeves. Also, don’t forget to check the Summer Screen Facebook page for updates and other things that Facebook does.

And in case you’re not at your computer because it’s the summer and nobody actually works, the interns will be along shortly in tan trench coats to play this message verbatim from a boom box outside the bar where you’re drinking.