The Definitive List of Asshole Subway Behavior

06/30/2010 12:39 PM |

design blagh

If you ride the subway every day, you will encounter rude and thoughtless assholes who are either oblvious to the world around them, or so socially dysfunctional that they just don’t care about how their behavior affects others. This is one of the frustrating things about living in a city, and most of the time you just have to kind of put your head down and turn the volume up (or you’ll go totally crazy with rage).

In what seems like an attempt to forestall said paralyzing rage, the good people at DesignBlahg have distilled the object essence of subway douchery into eight must-have items for eight kinds of subway douchebags. Highlights include “A giant fucking backpack,” a “BOB Revolution Duallie Stroller,” and, of course, a “Gigantic bucket of chicken from KFC.” We salute you, DesignBlahg.

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