What’s Up With Jay Street’s Asphalt and Glass Dragon Tattoo?

06/28/2010 1:11 PM |

Paula Meijerink Asphalt tatoo

If you’ve passed by the intersection of Jay Street and Prospect Street in Dumbo recently, likely on your way onto or off of the Manhattan Bridge bike ramp, you’ve seen this weird thing in the asphalt that looks kind of like a dragon tattoo etched into the street and filled with broken glass. And, weirdly, that’s pretty much exactly what it is: the public artwork is titled Asphalt Tattoo (pictured), and it was created by Paula Meijerink, a Boston-based artist and designer who teaches at Harvard and has a thing for asphalt. Gothamist writes that the piece should be in place for about a year, assuming some crazy driver doesn’t roll over it an pop all their tires first. Now that’s street art!