World Cup Art: French Collective Re-Enacts Legendary 1982 France-West Germany Semi-Final

06/14/2010 2:51 PM |

Refait by Pied La Biche

The French performance art collective Pied la Biche, who cite “people falling, rap videos and Werner Herzog” as their influences, recently recreated the last 15 minutes of the grueling penalty kick-decided France vs. West Germany semi-final from the 1982 Word Cup in real time, at locations throughout the Lyon suburb Villeurbanne, in a piece titled “Refait (Remake).” Goalies stand on mall escalators, their eyes fixed on players warming up near a car wash, while others sit waiting for their shot in an abandoned development and a suburban parking lot. The soundtrack mixes the original French commentators, and contemporary interviews with French folk about the significance of the match, the curse that affects (most) French soccer squads and conspiracy theories about the match being fixed. It’s absolutely worth watching, after the jump, between World Cup games this afternoon.


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