World Cup Weekly: Man, Do These Guys Hate Emile Heskey

06/16/2010 3:39 PM |


  • In order to fly, you have to run.

Our man at the World Cup (well, via his TV in Ireland) Derek Keogh chats with Tiernan Henry and Tom Buckley about the first week of World Cup action. And yes, they hate Emile Heskey and the French, which is kind of like hating candy thieves and Stalin. (For the record, all the negative talk about just knocking the ball to Heskey with his back to the goal, and Gerrard sprinting forward all the time… it did lead to a very nice England goal, fellas…)

(Enjoy World Cup Weekly, ep. 1, here.)

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  • Emile Heskey a wooden statue ha ha i love it, reminds me of a joke i heard that, capello walked into the English dressing rooms and see a shyt on the ground and shouts out alowed who shyt on the ground and Heskey stands up and says “me gaffa but I am good in the air”. Good review again this week guys but all in all the world cup has been pretty poor and there is no stand out team or player really, ozeil for germany was good but other than that no-one playing great, but on an up side Frn
    ance are nearly gone, but alot of top teams who have poor performances such as Spain, England, France liek something is seriously wrong over there nit sure if its the humidity but I reckon the jumbalani or what ever they called the ball this year has a massive factor this year there is no great free kicks or frequent long range efforts for the likes of C. Ronaldo and other to hit so I think that has been a down side and a bit of a brain fart by adidas to bring out such a light weight ball