20 People Watched All of Warhol’s Empire at Anthology on Saturday

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07/27/2010 4:39 PM |


In the current issue of the L, I wrote in praise of the “Boring Masterpieces” selected by Jonas Mekas and screening at Anthology Film Archives over the next couple months, beginning with Andy Warhol’s 8-hour, 5-minute Empire State Building actualités Empire. As you can see, about 20 attendees (more than two thirds of the crowd), stayed for the whole thing. Or did they? Among those that stayed for the whole thing, naturally, was our own gjk, who commented on my article:

Pretty sure we skipped a reel. Reels were clocking in at around 40 minutes each, Bradley told us one projector was at 16 fps and the other was at 18.5 fps. SO the speed was definitely correct, when you project at 24 fps reels run for 30 minutes. We finished about 45 minutes short- at about 8:45. So, can anyone confirm that in one reel, after the lights go off, they come back on for about 10 minutes and then go back off again? I’m pretty sure I saw this happen at LPR screening earlier this year. Maybe I was dreaming, but that’s the one reel that we didn’t see at Anthology…

In any case thanks to Anthology for throwing this party, there were about 20 people who sat through the whole thing, it was better than Inception!

(Here’s some info about the “LPR screening earlier this year.” Yes, it would appear that one of our commenters has sat through all of Empire twice in the past seventh months. At least.)

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