Ad Opposing Ground Zero Mosque is the Most Disgusting Thing Ever

07/15/2010 8:58 AM |

Obviously, planning to build a mosque anywhere near Ground Zero is gonna bring out the reactionary haterz, but this ad by the National Republican Trust PAC against said community center and place of worship planned for 45-47 Park Place is some Crusades-type, “kill terrorism with terrorism” shit. Don’t believe me? Peep the montage beginning at :50, featuring an image of a domed mosque (which is nothing like the actual building design) with the words “Kill the Ground Zero Mosque” followed by an image of a cross fashioned from scraps of WTC structural steel.

A push to maybe derail the project by getting the building currently at the site landmarked is bringing out all the crazies, and making New Yorkers and Americans in general look like exactly the types of ignorant racist biggots their enemies like to think they are. Come on, people; grow the fuck up. (Gothamist)