Arcade Fire Pledge Up to a Million Dollars for Haiti

07/14/2010 1:02 PM |

Keeping on my Arcade Fire charity beat, the band announced during their show in Quebec City on Monday night that they’ll be matching donations (up to a million dollars, which is a lot) pledged to a new Haiti relief organization called Kanpe. It’s part of their continuous effort to raise money for the country after the devastating earthquake that hit Port-au-Prince in January, a cause that has particularly hit home with co-leader Régine Chassagne, whose parents emigrated from Haiti to Canada. Pitchfork points out that, according to Kanpe’s web site, she sits on the board of the nonprofit.

You can $5 donate to the effort by texting “STAND” to 30333, thereby taking Arcade Fire’s money and automatically doubling your contribution. Get to it.

While texting, let’s watch this ever-so-appropriate video. It made me cry a little: