Bicycle Valet: Rich People Bike Differently Than You and I

07/16/2010 10:07 AM |

Superior Ink bicycle valet

Every time I go into Recycle-a-Bicycle with a flat they glare at me when I mention that I keep my bike locked up on the street, but between the lack of bike storage space in my building and not wanting to carry my clunky ride up and down stairs all the time, I don’t have a lot of options; unless I move into the West Village’s luxury condo development Superior Ink on West 12th Street, which has bicycle valet.

The Villager reports the simultaneously encouraging (hey, rich people with fancy cars are biking!) and saddening (rich people bike richer than the rest of us) news, noting that the building’s doorman will take your bike to the bike garage for you (well, not you, but Marc Jacobs, for instance) and bring it up for you at an appointed hour so you can ride off into the sunset, bike paparazzi in tow. (Curbed)