Brooklyn’s Would-Be Mosque-Bomber Recants

07/09/2010 3:06 PM |

If Sheepshead Bay Could Look at Itself in the Mirror, Would it Laugh, Too?

  • If Sheepshead Bay Could Look at Itself in the Mirror, Would it Laugh, Too?

The wild, kinda hilarious story about the opponents of a proposed mosque in Sheepshead Bay took a turn toward the sinister at the end of June, when a local resident threatened to blow-up the House of Allah if it were built.

The Brooklyn Paper‘s Thomas Tracy was on the scene:

“If they build a mosque there, I’m going to bomb the mosque,” said one outraged resident who lives across the street from the proposed house of worship between East 28th and East 29th streets on Voorhies Avenue. The resident, who refused to give his name, identified himself as a former Israeli soldier who had lived on Voorhies Avenue for eight years.

But now, that lunatic has revised his position.

“I don’t care [about the mosque],” said the man, who again refused to divulge his name. “If they build it, I will just sell my home and move.”

He blamed “personal problems” for his vitriol.

This came after NYPD officers starting ringing doorbells after 10 o’clock at night, looking for the would-be bomber.

Hysterical racism is always depressing, but never more so than when it comes from the member of a group that has been historically the target of such racism. Way to go, former Israeli soldier! You’re an inspiration to us all! Of the kind of person we want to be sure to raise our kids not to be, that is. [via Sheepshead Bites]