Come see Dead Man at SummerScreen This Wednesday, Then Drink More Cheap Six Point Beer At Pete’s Candy Store

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07/26/2010 4:37 PM |

We’re gonna go ahead and say that the number of people who have seen the ultra badass black and white slow-pan closeup masterpiece Dead Man is close to the number of people who can pull off top hats and face tattoos, but unlike that bold fashion choice, coming to see Dead Man at this week’s SummerScreen will not deter you from getting a job or upsetting your grandma.

As always, please arrive at the McCarren Park Ballfields (on N12th and Beford) at 6 pm to check out the live music shows curated by Free Williamsburg (Northside-fest alums ARMS is playing this week! Maybe they’ll remember us and say hi!), enter our Fandango Contest, and drink some Sixpoint and eat all the San Loco, Asia Dog, Porchetta , and Red Hook Lobster Pound you can get your mouth on.

But please, pace yourself, you don’t want that face tattoo to bleed, and because Pete’s Candy Store is having an after party with $3 pints of Six Point Sweet Action and a $9 Panini and Six Point special for the first 50 Pete’s cardholders. You can pick up your Pete’s card at the SummerScreen front desk at the entrance to the park.

See you Wednesday, Grandma!