Cops Being Dicks: Bay Ridge Edition

07/29/2010 3:33 PM |

Cop Land

  • Now that’s a good cop.

This is normally Henry’s beat but hey, he’s not here, and someone has to report on Bay Ridge cops making poor decisions. So, a young Brooklyn College student, Icelyn Garcia, is suing the NYPD because she spent the night in jail for bringing her tiny dog into the 86th Street R station. Yup.

After Officer Jessica Gavaras told Garcia she needed a carrier, Garcia had her cousin take the little pooch outside, and then pleaded with Gavaras not to give her a ticket. When Garcia went to check her phone for the time, Gavaras grabbed it out of her hand; when Garcia reached for the phone, Gavaras cuffed her. And now it’ll probably cost the taxpayers some money.

Between me and you, though, Garcia isn’t the most sympathetic victim of asymmetrical police response.

[It was the] worst night of my life. A prostitute offered me a job. There were women in there hiding drugs in their private parts. People were fighting. I’ve never been around that caliber of people in my life.

What, no hooker with a heart of gold?

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  • Two days ago I saw a woman getting written up a ticket by two cops because her daughter was eating a cookie on the subway platform. Can we call Marty Markowitz to put a stop to this nonsense? I mean people are getting murdered out there, and cops are busy writing bullshit tickets? Where’s the outrage?