Department of Eagles Raids the Archive

07/21/2010 4:02 AM |

Department of Eagles
Archive 2003-2006
(American Dust)

While it most definitely does not contain a single as immediately, mind-blowingly good as the baroque-pop masterpiece “No One Does It Like You” from 2008’s In Ear Park, this collection of assorted demos and unreleased recordings dating back to the duo’s earliest days is a pleasure in its own right. If In Ear Park proved that Daniel Rossen accounts for a surprising amount of Grizzly Bear’s pop sensibilities, Archives 2003-2006 proves he’s no slouch when it comes to more experimental, esoteric mood pieces either. Given its nature, it’s hard to listen without thinking simply, “So this is how Grizzly Bear became Grizzly Bear,” but it would be gravely unjust: As much as anything, Archive is a glimpse at how Department of Eagles became Department of Eagles. It may not seem as important when put that way, but if they ever get around to making another new record, it most likely will.