Forget Horizontal Stripes: Gulf Oil T-Shirts Are the New Summer Hotness

07/27/2010 3:46 PM |

I Helped Clean Up the Gulf oil t-shirt

Well here’s a novel way to help get oil from BP‘s Deepwater Horizon rig out of the Gulf of Mexico: wear it. I Helped Clean Up the Gulf prints t-shirts with ink that includes trace amounts of oil from the spill in the Gulf of Mexico (they also sell oil in a pendant, which seems even more dramatic). All items are $20, $5 of which goes to either the Tri-State Bird, National Wildlife Federation, or National Audubon Society. The amusingly specific oil-printed tees read “I Helped Clean Up the Gulf,” and then in the fine print: “Oil amounts are nominal and meant to be symbolic.” Really, they should say, “I Didn’t Help Clean Up the Gulf, and All I Got Was this Smelly T-Shirt.” (TreeHugger)