Get Your CSA Veggies from Brooklyn Grange’s Just-Opened and Fully Operational Rooftop Farm

07/08/2010 2:02 PM |

Brooklyn Grange rooftop farm

Though it began with a little bit of a hiccup, work on Brooklyn Grange‘s rooftop farm on Northern Boulevard in Queens is finished, and they’ve been gathering crops for almost a month already! Their six-stories-up fields are so full of the bounty of the, um, engineered soil product, that they’ve just announced their inaugural CSA (“Community-Supported Agriculture,” in which you buy a share in a farm and receive some fresh goodies from it every week). At $350 for 18 weeks, or a little under $20 per week, you get a 7-10 pound bag of mixed veggies, which is pretty good compared to most CSAs, plus much greener because the food is coming from the next borough over rather than from upstate, Long Island or Jersey. Never thought we’d be recommending food grown next to Newtown Creek, but there you go. (Gothamist)