Have You Never Seen Regular Lovers? Do So Tonight.

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07/30/2010 3:17 PM |


Quickly: Earlier this year we mourned the passing of the great cinematographer William Lubtchansky, the backwards-looking eyes of the French New Wave in winter. I praised then, as I will at every opportunity, Lubtchansky’s sleek-gorgeous, grainy-intimate black-and-white work with Philippe Garrel, especially the trancelike, gorgeous post-’68 flashback Regular Lovers, a movie about a hopeful, charismatic generation turning inwards and disintegrating, shot through with heartbreaking glamour and very personal nostalgic reflection. It plays this very night at the 92Y Tribeca, as part of a weekend Lubtchansky tribute—put together by curator and L critic Miriam Bale—also featuring some woozy Rivette.