Hear a New Lauryn Hill Track, Which is Hopefully an Old Lauryn Hill Track

07/26/2010 11:39 AM |

Let’s hope this never before heard Lauryn Hill track is actually an outtake from an old studio session rather than a glimpse at the type of material she’s currently working on. “Repercussions” boasts a decent enough instrumental track and an interesting vocal arrangement, but it’s bogged down by a dizzying array of cliches, platitudes and eye-rollers. In a span of less than 20 seconds, she sings the lines, “You need to know repercussions,” “Things can come right back to you,” and “What goes around comes around,” which are of course all saying the exact same not particularly insightful thing. We also get this nugget: “See, I was born into this world in another space and time/Time has moved on and death has grown closer/It surely has blown my mind/Ain’t that a bitch?” Indeed. [Vulture]