Hear Another Very Good New Of Montreal Song, “Hydra Fancies”

07/06/2010 5:02 PM |


I have not traditionally counted myself as much of an Of Montreal fan, finding Kevin Barnes’ purposefully, desperately outre schtick to be somewhat forced and, actually, not all that interesting. But these first two tracks from their upcoming full-length, False Priest (out 9/14), are pretty much unstoppable. The first, “Coquette Coquette,” was a hard-hitting but also totally smoothed-out and slick without being too glossy. And now today, we get “Hydra Fancies,” which is full-on white-boy soul, with elements of funk and R&B sprinkled liberally throughout. It also contains the line, “When I touch you, it’s like standing on a dragon’s tongue,” for whatever that’s worth. (A lot, I think.)