In Brooklyn, “Progress” Means Felling Trees

07/23/2010 2:27 PM |


Empire—Fulton Ferry State Park , which surrounds the Brooklyn Bridge, has been closed since the first of this year for renovations, with plans to re-open next spring. Several improvements to the park are planned, including lawn-extension, new furnishings, stormwater retention and a new carousel.

Oh, and of course, chopping down a few trees.

Before-and-after photos at DumboNYC, like those above, make it clear that several trees have been lost to the renovations. It’s possible that before the park re-opens, new trees could be planted; that might appease some urban planners, but it won’t satisfy the faeries.

Of course, that’s New York’s (new?) operating philosophy: if something’s in your way, kill it.

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