Introducing the reRun “Gastropub Theater”

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07/20/2010 4:42 PM |


New to Brooklyn’s crop of independently run movie screens is the reRun Gastropub Theater, right here in Dumbo. It’s part of the reBar complex at 147 Front Street: past the street-level coffee stop, up the stairs past the open lounge space on the mezzanine and the screened-in bar and restaurant, and down the hall, you’ll find a screening room done up in garish cityscape graffiti, and about 60 minivan bench and bucket seats. But no cupholders yet—a shame, as there’s also a bar running alongside of the room. (You can also order food.) The first official screenings are Friday.

The screen is equipped for Blu-Ray projection, and is curated by the critic and independent film distributor Aaron Hillis; he’s begun to curate a lineup of Amerindie fest-circuit favorites on making New York Premiere runs: starting Friday, and playing for a week, is the fine SXSW buzz-binner Audrey the Trainwreck. Collaborations with boutique distributors and with festivals are planned, and regular rep screenings are also anticipated, including the debut, on the 26th, of the Blu-Ray DVD of 80s Gorefest The Prowler, from exploitation filmmaker Bill Lustig’s Blue Underground label.

While many smaller screens program irregularly, the full-slate screening schedule is an encouraging sign that reRun will be a necessary piece of the Brooklyn film scene—which is better than it needed to be. Although, then again, there are already plenty of opportunities to catch the occasional old favorite in a location with a full menu and on-site bar. Right?