Is a New Development Battle About to Erupt in Brooklyn?

07/28/2010 11:40 AM |


  • Barf!

For years, there have been threats of an enormous, ugly, totally out of context tower going up on Lincoln Road in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, next to the B/Q Prospect Park station, just steps from the east side of the park. To the consternation of locals, of course: a few years ago, I was met with a small group of chanting, sign-carrying protesters on my way to brunch at Enduro. But with the recession and all, the project seemed stalled if not dead.

Until this weekend, that is.

In a Times article on Sunday—one of those “hey look at this place” pieces—the writers shows his unfamiliarity with the neighborhood by burying the lede. Waaaay down:

New construction is rare in the area, but…one project now going up is in a busy section. A company called Park Tower secured permits in June to build a 24-story, 88-unit building next to the Prospect Park subway stop at 510 Flatbush Avenue.

The developer, it seems, has changed the address decided to use the site’s alternate address; the building that got torn down was 27 Lincoln Road, according to the blog Hawthorne Street, which also reports that the Department of Buildings website shows no records of these permits.

A false alarm? Or is another development battle about to erupt in Brooklyn? Or, because it’s a largely black neighborhood, will nobody pay attention to the clamoring locals?