Jelly NYC Offices Burgled (You Know, the Pool Party Guys)

07/28/2010 3:44 PM |

The Brooklyn Paper reports that the offices of Jelly NYC (organizers of the popular Pool Party musical funtime concerts) were robbed last week; taken in the break-in of the Union Avenue space was the company’s main computer and an employee’s laptop.

And despite the fact Jelly inexplicably went out of their way to bash us on their website (see below), we wish them best of luck in the rest of their summer series and hope the loss of the computer isn’t too dispiriting.

[From the introductory blog post on the Jelly site]:

…because THE POOL PARTIES are back! We love you! We missed you. Really though we’re so glad we waited to announce and weren’t included in that L Magazine guide to blowing it all summer. Was that not the worst?

I didn’t think it was that bad…

(Was it because of this post, perhaps, that Jelly attacked?)