Jenny Holzer Designs Keds for the Whitney

07/09/2010 1:06 PM |

Jenny Holzer Keds limited editions

Every time you buy a pair of Jenny Holzer‘s new limited edition Keds sneakers (available in high- and low-top from $70-$75), the majority of the proceeds from the sale goes to help fund the Whitney Museum of American Art’s summer exhibition program. (Which, as long as we don’t have to start calling it the “Keds Whitney,” is okay, I guess.) Each pair is emblazoned with her trademark sharp, sans-serif font spelling the sentence “Protect Me from What I Want,” which is ironic because what I want is a pair of Jenny Holzer Keds. But how will they protect me from themselves? I need them to go with my matching Jenny Holzer t-shirt. (Artnet)