Light Asylum, Mirror Mirror and David Bowie (sorta) Playing at SummerScreen Next Week!

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07/09/2010 1:54 PM |

Each week at Summerscreen, before the sunset, before the free movie viewing, and before the decision to buy two cups of San Loco sangria becomes necessary, you can enjoy some great live music from really cool bands! That’s right, while you writhe around on your itchy Mexican woven blanket, our very attractive, very well-connected friends over at Free Williamsburg are curating handpicked musical acts that makes the whole having-good-taste thing a whole lot easier.

This week before we all ogle Bowie’s bulge in Labyrinth, come enjoy the sounds of Light Asylum and Mirror Mirror. All for Free! In Williamsburg! From Free Williamsburg! Thanks guys, for making life so easy!