Literary Upstart: The Grand Blow-Out Finale: Coming in a Week’s Time

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07/01/2010 3:34 PM |


… And so, about six months and two seasons after we started accepting submissions for this year’s edition of The L’s Literary Upstart fiction competition and reading series (brought to you as ever by the fine people of Harper Perennial and the New School), we’re pleased as cheap spiked punch to remind you that Literary Upstart final is set for 7pm a week from today—Thursday, July 8—at our new Williamsburg location, Spike Hill.

Next Thursday, as you sip our super-secret to-be-announced drink special, and fail to answer the simplest New York City Literary Trivia questions, our three semifinal winners Sam J. Miller, Snowden Wright and Debora Kuan will read their entries and vie for a giant novelty check and publication in our Summer Fiction Issue. You should join us, we’ve come this far together.

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