M.I.A. vs. NPR Listeners

07/15/2010 3:36 PM |


On Tuesday, NPR’s All Things Considered featured a four and half minute review of M.I.A.’s new album, ///Y/. The review included a few sound bites from the album, such as the gunning of a chainsaw from “Steppin’ Up.” Chainsaws in any context are jarring, but on NPR, the sound bite seemed particularly raucous. The review was not in any way surprising: critical, but not undeservingly so. Rather, it was the following day’s listener responses (and their jabs at M.I.A.’s acronym) that were lol-worthy when read on the air during a segment called “Letters.” Here’s what one listener from Louisiana had to say:

“I had just arrived at home after work and was casually listening to NPR while relaxing. Suddenly, I heard what sounded like an explosion on the air. I turned it up thinking it must’ve been a terrible train wreck or something. Well, apparently it was someone reviewing M.I.A., which I can only assume stands for my insane album.”

Others (myself included) might describe ///Y/ as a “terrible train wreck,” but “My Insane Album” is a particularly noteworthy jab at the Sri-Lankan’s latest efforts. The Louisianan takes a second guess at the meaning of M.I.A. suggesting “Music Is Absent,” which isn’t funny UNLESS YOU ARE AN OLD PERSON. But still, hats off to you, disgruntled NPRer.