Online Band Name Generator Sucks at Coming Up With Band Names

07/23/2010 12:08 PM |

Wolf Ball

  • Wolf Ball

Just in case there needed to be any clarification that automated web apps are not the way to go when tasked with creating a name for something that matters, take a look at this gem. Enter a word in Band Name Maker, and it promises to spit out a list of “cool band names for rock, punk, emo or other musical styles” based on the word. Other styles being glo-fi, trip-hop and grime, obvs.

So how about “wolf.” That would be an easy one, considering the feral name craze a few years ago, right? It returned a list that included “Wolf Ball,” “Wolf of the Expensive,” “Monochrome Wolf the Cheating Aftermath,” and “Wolf Rhythm & the Fuzzy Jesus,” which might actually be an awesome name, I can’t tell yet. “Wolf Ball” definitely not though. To honor The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, one of the more clever band names out there today, I gave “heart” a try. It came back with “Heart Toward America,” “Heart Into Pedro,” “Professional Heart,” “Liquid Heart” and “Heart Shrimp & the Coarse Misfortune.” Do not name your band “Heart Shrimp & the Coarse Misfortune.” Or “Whale Wrinkle” (I also entered the word “whale”). And this concludes Naming Your Band 101.