Shepard Fairey Now Available in Vinyl Spray Can Toy Form

07/08/2010 9:43 AM |

Shepard Fairey Vinyl Spray Can toy

The whole vinyl toy collector subculture confuses me, since it so often overlaps with graffiti culture, and seems to produce tacky plastic “sculptures” about as often as its practitioners create beautifully personalized little works of art; Shepard Fairey’s bizarre new set of Andre the Giant-faced spray can toys for STRANGEco, I think, fall firmly in the former category. The limited-edition, $85, 11-inch figures were released for preorder yesterday, and already almost sold out. I should point out, though, that they are fundamentally inaccurate because Fairey uses posters and wheat paste, not spray paint. Really they should be OBEY-emblazoned vinyl buckets with rollers, but who would buy that?