Someone Give Shark? $88 So They Can Make a Record

07/07/2010 11:04 AM |


We’ve written about lowish-fi local quartet Shark? quite a bit around here of late—first as an honorable mention in this year’s 8 NYC Bands You Need to Hear feature. Then they wound up playing seven times at Northside a few weeks ago, which was totally crazy and awesome, and now we’ve got an interview with them running over in the music section (as well as in the print magazine the hit streets this morning). One of the things discussed in that interview is that the band is currently trying to raise money through Kickstarter for the recording of their debut full-length. They’re four days away from their deadline, and all they need is $88, so it’s looking good. Just to be sure, though, head over and cough up a couple bucks. It will be worth it in the end.