South Williamsburg Getting Fancy Soundstage

07/08/2010 10:26 AM |

Williamsburg Soundstage under construction

Talk about gentrification! Yesterday we learned that Williamsburg’s good ol’ radioactive materials storage facility Radiac may move after 30 years in the ‘hood, and today the Brooklyn Paper reports that the giant paved lot and warehouse between the East River and the intersection of Broadway and Kent is becoming a state of the art soundstage for TV shows and music videos. If you’ve biked by in the last few months you may have noticed the opening up and paving over of a huge waterfront lot, and the conversion of the adjacent building from a dilapidated garage to something sleeker and mysterious.

Of course, Williamsburg is already kind of a giant studio and soundstage (hipster fashion photo shoots, indie rock videos, New York-set TV shows, etc.), but the Soho-based company Cine Magic International‘s expansion to Brooklyn makes it official. But will the locals be able to afford the glitzy studio’s rates?