Spy Exchange? Spy Exchange!

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07/08/2010 4:30 PM |


Word is that the members of the sexy suburban (ex-)Soviet spy ring are soon to be shipped back from Russia as part of a spy exchange. Will they line up at the East German and West Berlin ends of the Glienicke Bridge, at night, in the fog, in trenchcoats and stride towards the other size, pausing to nod at each other in the middle, like in 1962, when downed U2 pilot Francis Gary Powers was returned to the West in exchange for KGB colonel Rudolf Abel—another Russian in the states under deep cover, who communicated via sophisticated coded gadgetry and used to meet associates right around your favorite Brooklyn parks? We hope so, we really really do. (That Abel link, about defections, false identities, and paperboys getting paid in microfilm-concealing hollow nickels, is basically the real-life Pickup On South Street, is highly recommended for people who like Cold War spy stories and Dodgers-era Brooklyn.)