SummerScreen Band Spotlight: ARMS

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07/28/2010 11:36 AM |

Since Dead Man is a movie about cowboys and strange literary allusions, who better than to headline the SummerScreen live music component (thanks to Free Williamsburg, we have a live music component) than the guitar-strummin’, sad-songin’ Brooklyn cowboys of ARMS. Come on down to the McCarren Park Ballfields (N12th and Bedford) at 7 pm (after Hymns) to share a tune with them around our campfire (the fire will be cookin’ wieners from Asia Dog along with San Loco tacos, Red Hook Lobster Pound rolls, and pork sandys from Porchetta . This is a really good campfire) and stay a while for our screening of Dead Man. In the mean time, check out this video of their song “Eyeball” from their Kids Aflame album. Now git! Those wieners aren’t gonna heat themselves!