Thoughts on the BP Oil Spill?

07/07/2010 1:30 AM |

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I can’t tell you how mad it makes me. Every day you hear more and more about all the violations BP has had in the past. You know what I think should be done? If a person were to act like BP, causing all that death, they would be killed. BP should be put to death. We should execute the company. Sell everything and use the money to repair the damage done to the environment and the people who live near the spill.

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The spill really scares me. I have nightmares about it. It”s like we stabbed the Earth and now it’s bleeding to death. I really fear that this is going to kill the oceans, that there won’t be any fish anymore. The spill keeps getting bigger and we can’t stop it.

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I’d like to boycott BP because of this, but I read that these oil companies are all so buddy-buddy it’s essentially impossible to stick it to them in any way. It really shows how we need electric cars so we don’t need oil anymore.

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It is a terrible shame. I do not buy my gas from the BP gas stations. Everyone involved should face serious consequences. I know they are trying to fix it now, but there’s no fixing it. I saw the pictures of the animals on the internet and it was very sad.


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I can’t believe they can figure out how to drill for oil, but not to stop up a hole. They need to find a way to stop it. Of course there’s no profit to stopping it, so there you go.


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Hails from:Romania
Oh, I don’t want to sound bad, but it doesn’t really matter to me so much, this oil spill. I have not seen any direct consequences. It is a big mess, but it happens. Everyone wants to be mad at someone so they pick these BP guys. But these guys are just doing their job like everybody else.