Watch the Trailer for the New Hugh Hefner Documentary, Commence Eye Rolling

07/15/2010 5:32 PM |

The trailer for the latest documentary on Hugh Hefner was released today, entitled Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist, and Rebel. According to the press release, filmmaker Brigitte Berman paints him as a champion of the First Amendment and an arbiter of the Sexual Revolution, capturing his “fierce battles with the government, the religious right and militant feminists.” Right, those pesky feminists.

I can just barely deal with the public’s current perception of him as an adorably licentious old man, but Hef as freedom fighter? Right. It’s been a long, arduous battle for the public to finally accept thin, conventionally beautiful women lounging in the nude solely for male pleasure, but thanks for hanging in there.

Hugh Hefner: fighting for your right to show your tits and get paid for it since 1953.

It hits theaters July 30th.