WTC Tightrope Walker Philippe Petit Teaching in Williamsburg This Summer!

07/08/2010 12:01 PM |

Philippe Petit

Philippe Petit, who in 1974 illegally tightrope-walked between the towers of the World Trade Center—an incredible act documented in Man on Wire—will teach six lucky (and moneyed) students this summer at Streb‘s performance and rehearsal space on North 1st Street in Williamsburg. The Post reports that founder Elizabeth Streb had been after Petit for a decade and now she’s got him teaching a $1,200 tightrope-walking class.

She’s received about 30 applications for the three sessions of the two-day masterclass, titled simply Tightrope!, around the middle of August. A complex application form asks would-be-walkers that books they like and what languages they speak, and in addition to tightrope-walking participants will read poetry and learn expert knot-tying methods. No tightrope-walking experience needed, so you should totally apply.

Update: Gothamist’s got this great video of Petit giving a preview of what his class at Streb might look like (thanks, John Del Signore, for the tip):