Your Last World Cup Weekly… (In Which Germany is Inordinately Praised)

07/08/2010 1:06 PM |

Here it is, folks, your last World Cup Weekly broadcast, with Derek Keogh, Tom Buckley and Tim Bracy. Recorded before Spain beat Germany (called it!), you should be warned that herein you will discover an unusual amount of praise for the German team. (Ok, this is going to sound like 20/20 hindsight, but I’ve been telling anyone who will listen that the Germans have only looked so good because they’ve played with the lead for 80 percent of the whole tournament, allowing them to play a fast, flowing counterattacking game…). Anyway, I’m glad Spain won. Bah.

One Comment

  • I said it at the start of the world cup that spain woudl be the team to beat and that david vill awill be top scorer so far i am half right and have a chance for the lot to happen ha ha all spain have to do is win at least 2 nil and villa to score both ha ha but Germany were shown up against proper opposition unlike a poor England and what looked like a very tired Argentina team but the Spanish boys have youth and experience and if Pedro figures out how to ball the ball with a 2 on 1 chance they will win it i think and as for holland other than Brazil they came in the easy route but they still have gone 24 games unbeaten i think it is that is form that is going ot bring huge confidence, i just hope its a good final and not a bore fest